Where does RGB header plug into?

Use RGB Y-Cable to connect the fan and the motherboard. Please use RGB 4-Pin connector to an RGB header, and 4-pin fan connector to a fan header on the motherboard. 1.

Where do I plug in my RGB header?

You should connect it to the connectors on the motherboard marked RGB. Most gaming motherboards will likely include this and will be extremely unlikely on regular motherboards. Consult your motherboards manual as this will usually list all the connectors.

Can you plug RGB into fan header?

Yeah in order to plug in more than one fan you’d need a fan splitter or a hub. The RGB cables and fan cables run separate from each other. So you would need to plug the RGB cables into your controller or your motherboard.

Where does RGB controller connect to motherboard?

Distinguished. the fan’s RGB cable should connect to the smaller 4-pin RGB header shown near the top of your picture. and the fan’s 4-pin PWM fan cable should be connected to the motherboard fan header labeled, CPU_Fan. if you have trouble locating this fan header, read your motherboard user manual.

Where do LED lights plug into motherboard?

If your LED’s are designed to be plugged into your motherboard, they should have a 3 or 4 pin female connector that can be connected to one of the USB headers on your motherboard. Otherwise, many LED kits just use a molex (4-pin) power connector that goes straight to your PSU, and the controls are external.

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Does every motherboard have a RGB header?

Most motherboards come with two RGB headers, each supplying 12V of power. However, if you have a particularly large PC case that you plan on filling with multiple RGB fans, each requiring its own header, this quickly becomes a problem.

What is RGB header on motherboard?

RGB or ARGB headers are both used to connect LED strips and other ‘lighted’ accessories to your PC. That’s where their similarity ends. An RGB header (usually a 12V 4-pin connector) can only control colors on a strip in a limited number of ways. … That’s where ARGB headers come into the picture.